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Attendee Details – Everything You Need To Know

It’s Time to Check-in: Our event platform, Whova, is now live and it’s time for you to check-in. Checking in before Oct 8th will make joining on the morning of the event a much smoother process. Virtual events can have long check-in lines just like live events LOL. If you have trouble accessing the platform, you will have to stand in a virtual line to access tech support and we don’t want you to miss anything due to this issue. Again, please check-in as soon as possible.

The number one issue people have report when trying to check-in is that they don’t have their password. You must first create an account on Whova using the same email you used to register for the event. When you create your Whova account, you’ll set your password and once you log in you will be taken to the CBWB 2020 event.

Our event hashtag is #CBWB2020. Please take a photo of your swag box and post it on social media and please tag us.

Although you can join us via our mobile app, for the best viewing experience we HIGHLY recommend viewing via the Web App using Chrome.  

Check-in and Access the Event via the Web App – https://whova.com/portal/webapp/cbwvb_202010

Check-in and Access the Event via the Mobile App – https://whova.com/portal/cbwvb_202010

To check-in after downloading the app, use your registered email address to access the event platform. Be sure to use the same email address you registered with. Once you’ve checked in, you should be taken directly to our event!

Get Your Tickets for the Fundraiser: This year’s prize is a beautiful cross necklace. Click here to get your tickets here – https://go.rallyup.com/rooted.

Networking Before and After the Event: Join us at 7:00 am CST and after 9:00 am CST  on the day of the event to network with other participants. You can network by browsing the attendee list and sending messages to other attendees or by joining one of the community discussions. Once you are logged in, you can visit the community discussions by clicking on the community tab in the Web or Mobile App.

Virtual Event Platform Support: Please note that you may receive emails from Whova, our event platform, to provide you with additional information to help you learn how to navigate the app and to provide additional support.  

If you have a question, please text our support team at (636) 344-0103 and we will respond as soon as possible.

Christian Business Women’s Virtual Breakfast Co-Chairs
Lorie Burkemper and Erin Stamm
Powered by Virtual10X – Virtual Event Team Leader, Lethia Owens
Support: Text us at (636) 344-0103

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