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How to Get the Most Out of the Mastermind

Be Prepared – Please bring 2-3 challenges in your work or personal life and prioritize them based on their impact on your life. We may not be able to Mastermind all of them, but having value add conversations with beautiful, talented women of faith will be priceless.

Be Fully Engaged – Ask questions, participate, share and encourage others. Showing up is not enough — engaging and doing the work will make all the difference in your business.

Share Referrals and Introductions – Make it a point to share referrals and make personal introductions when possible and then remember to follow up with both parties.

Be Brief but Thorough – One of the biggest mistakes people make while masterminding is that they use too much of their allotted time telling instead of asking. It is important to communicate key information and details but don’t use most of your time in this phase.

Consider this breakdown:

  • Spend 20% of your sharing the problem/challenge or vision.
  • Spend 80% of your time asking questions and receiving input or feedback.

Be Decisive and Goal-Driven – You will be provided with lots of new information, resources, and options. Set the intention that you will listen to God and use His direction to make decisions and move forward.

Respect the Time Keeper – After the allotted time of explanation, discussion, and brainstorming, the Timekeeper will signal that it is time to move on to the next member’s needs. Please respect your peers by wrapping up on or before your allotted time ends.

Be Open and Honest – You and your fellow participants will get more out of your time together if you both become comfortable enough to tell the truth. Being honest with yourself and others will accelerate your growth and success. Remember that you chose to participate because you want to grow – which means you must be vulnerable and ask for help.

Don’t Be Easily Offended or Become Defensive – Some of my greatest growth has come as a result of my mastermind partners challenging me and being honest with their feedback. If you respond defensively or are easily offended, you will train your partners to keep quiet because they think you can’t handle the truth!

Follow Up – Time is a valuable resource and it seems that there is never enough of it during our mastermind sessions. If you don’t get to verbally share everything you would like to share with one of your mastermind partners, please follow up with them individually as soon as possible.

Challenge and Encourage – Give “honest feedback” that is clear, simple, brief, encouraging, and productive, not brutal or demeaning feedback. Please consider how your message will land with the person with whom you are sharing the feedback. Let’s face it, we’ve all met people who talk too much, and those who are quiet. The goal is to keep your feedback balanced. Be mindful of how much time you take to share your idea or feedback with the individual who has the platform. If you take 10 minutes to share 1 idea, the person in “The Seat of Blessing” receives less time overall for other ideas.

Give Your Full Attention – Participants should be completely focused on what’s happening in the meeting. Check cell phones and email only during the breaks. Don’t worry, we will provide ample breaks. And PLEASE No side conversations.

Confidentiality – Mastermind groups are intentional safe spaces where members can bring their problems, challenges, concerns, creative ideas, and intellectual property. Nothing that’s said inside the mastermind group should ever be shared outside it. On the first day of the mastermind, we will all sign a non-disclosure agreement. This will be provided to you at that time.

Don’t Gossip – Gossip and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. A simple definition of gossip: talking about someone when they’re not in the room or part of the conversation.

Be Equipped – Bring your computer/iPad with you and pack any other equipment you feel you need in order to work most effectively.