1. What is God teaching me through my Bible reading?
  2. Who is God prompting me to pray for today?
  3. What situation, thing, person or role am l placing my identity in instead of God?
  4. What step of obedience has God called me to that I’m avoiding?
  5. What is God calling me to focus on in the next six months?
  6. Who is God asking me to forgive that I’m holding a grudge against?
  7. Who is one person I can serve in a unique way, and how?
  8. What is my” “next step” in spiritual growth?
  9. Who is one person I can invite to my church?
  10. Am I honoring God in my marriage/singleness/parenting?
  11. What virtues of Fruit of the Spirit do I need to ask for help in cultivating?
  12. How did I respond the last time something upset me? What did my response show about my heart?
  13. List your top 5 priorities. Now map out the hours of your week on a calendar. Do your priorities match how you spend your time?
  14. What was the highlight of my day? How did I see God working through it?
  15. What attribute of God am I most grateful for today?
  16. Did my actions this week show I am content with where I am in life?
  17. In what area(s) of my life do I need to seek God for guidance?
  18. When do I feel God’s presence most? What can I do when I don’t feel God’s presence?
  19. What are my spiritual gifts? How can I use them to build God’s Kingdom?
  20. How is God trying to get my attention?

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