How Can I Volunteer?

The Rooted Sisters™ rely on volunteers to power our mission. We’d love to have you join us in serving on a committee. It’s a great way to give back to the ministry and community, network with other women, and sharpen some new skills. If you are interested, please complete the form below and someone will get back to you. Review our committee opportunities below.

CARE TEAM – Mary Elizabeth Grimes, Liz O’Keefe Co-Chairs

The purpose of the Care Team is to love on our Rooted Sisters by encouraging and supporting them.  This team would be responsible for ministering to the women in the following ways:

  • Welcome new members by sending welcome card
  • Provide inspirational quote for announcements/website
  • Provide monthly birthday wishes for announcement email
  • Ensure each member has one personalized touch point per year

 Time commitment:  4 hours per month


This CBWB team is responsible for coordinating the annual breakfast which includes:

  • Developing an event timeline
  • Soliciting donors and achieving annual fundraising goal
  • Monitoring the budget, AP and invoicing (Lynn Kaste is on point for this)
  • Developing marketing plans to promote the event, evite, social media.
  • Managing day of logistics by creating seating arrangements, guest list, check-in; review scripts and run of show, program developed by the communications committee
  • Coordinating program and speaker with Lisa/Cindy
  • Delivering sponsor gifts
  • Sending thank you’s (Admin to lead)

Time commitment:  3-4 hours per month; Aug-event 4-6 hours per month 

FELLOWSHIP TEAMJackie Baker, Joni Malloy, Co-Chairs

The purpose of the Fellowship Team is to provide opportunities for the ladies to fellowship with one another.  This team would be responsible for:

  • A goal for 2022 is to create a monthly calendar six months out to give sisters opportunities to fellowship together and in our community.
  • Fellowship Events could include coffee, lunch, dinners, museum visits, seminars on topics of interests, virtual mix and mingle, annual picnics to include families, community outreach, concerts, movies, hikes, pickleball, SPA day, speakers and other fun activities you think our sisters will enjoy!
  • Monthly Fellowship Committee Meeting 45-55 minutes. Bring your love for your sisters along with creative marketing  and fun event ideas to build deeper relationships that reflect His glory.
  • Leaders and Co-leaders manage all event logistics, invites, marketing, volunteers, event timeline, and summary of event successes and what to improve/delete.

Rooted Sister Fellowship Motto: “Our love to God is measured by our everyday fellowship with others and the love it displays” ~ Andrew Murray

Time commitment:  1-5 hours per month. Time commitment varies each month depending on the type of fellowship event and leadership role. Committee members’ rotate being leader/co-leaders for events.

BUSINESS FORUM – Tabetha Sheaver, Chair;  Board Liaison:  Anastasia Stevenson

A structured forum to equip women to align to God’s purpose by integrating scripture to worldly business challenges.

Time commitment:  1.5 hours per month

FINANCE – Cheri Combs, Treasurer & Chair

The Finance Committee will help the Board fulfill its fiscal and oversight responsibilities and will:

  • Review and recommend approval of the annual financial budget prepared by the staff
  • Ensure that all financial reports (including the annual Form 990) prepared by the staff are accurate and timely
  • Regularly review financial results
  • Oversee the management of organization-wide financial assets

Time commitment:  3-4 hours per month

AUDIT COMMITTEE – Adrian Bracy, Chair

The Audit Committee will help the Board fulfill its auditing responsibilities by creating an internal auditing process and ensuring an internal audit is conducted annually.

Time commitment:  3-4 hours at 2x per year

MASTERMIND RETREAT – Lethia Owens, Kelly Boyd, Co-Chairs

  Areas of need:

  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Operations

Time commitment:  Est. 3-4 hours per month; needs will increase in April

DEVELOPMENT – Basima Williams, Justine Duggan, Co-Chairs

The purpose of the committee is to partner with CEO to develop and execute a fundraising strategy to achieve the fundraising goals.  The committee will:

  • Research opportunity in creating a giving (level) society and develop a draft.
  • Assist Board Chair in board giving campaign
  • Identify potential prospects for various giving channels and encourage others to as well.
  • Invite others to invest in the ministry
  • May assist the Board Chair in identifying chairs for the subcommittees (ie-CBWB)
  • Encourage and support subcommittee goals and objectives
  • Identify recognition opportunities

Time commitment:  3-4 hours per month 

COMMUNICATIONS  – Michelle Shockley, Jennifer Belmont Jennings,  Co-Chairs

The purpose of the committee is to develop an overall communications strategy and resources to execute the plan.

  • CBWB- create a communications plan, update media advisory, follow-up with media to pitch event, write script and run of show
  • Assist with identifying a website management solution
  • Recruit a social media lead to:
    • Draft a social media strategy and policy for the board’s approval
    • Identify social platforms where the ministry should be present
    • Secure a lead to manage the platforms and who would also develop and post content
    • Provide updates to board on analytics

Time commitment:  3-5 hours per month

ENGAGEMENT – Anastasia Stevenson, TBD, Co-Chairs

The purpose of an engagement committee is to develop an engagement strategy and to create a direct line of communication between the Board and our members.

  • Establishes relationships and collaborates to support retention and engagement needs
  • Outline requirements of RS buddy and necessary engagement from Board and membership
  • Partner and collaborate with the care, development and fellowship teams to support best practices in engagement
  • Provide strategic planning and insight for learning and educational based past events and activities
  • Assists in the development of brand strategy and appropriate corresponding templates
Time commitment: 2-4 hours per month

Let Us Know How You Would Like to Serve: